Friday, April 01, 2005


My University Senate by-laws and such came in the mail today. Looks like I ran unopposed and still got less of the vote than Robert Mugabe. I'd like to either be on the Programs, Curricula and Courses commitee, the Educational Affairs committee, or the Core Liberal Arts & Sciences committee (imagine me on that one ^-^). Just have to get back to them within the week.

By the way: How big must a bureaucracy be if it has a "Committee on Committees"?

Got an e-mail from the listserv - Former Secretary of State James A. Baker (1989-1993) is coming to speak on campus for the Sadat Lecture for peace. I think I'll attend.

Also coming up at the end of this month is the march to the capitol. Is there any way to export freedom to those people? Still unsure if I'll attend that, if only to see if there are any South Vietnamese Protest Babes. I mean... uh... *puts angel halo over head*

If I think of anything else to post, I'll do it later.