Saturday, April 02, 2005

Mount Rushmore 2

I don't remember where this meme came from. I don't know why I just thought of it.

If you had your choice, which four presidents (excluding the four already engraved) would you place on a Second Mount Rushmore?

Well, the first guy you put up there is Ronald Reagan. That's a no brainer. Despite the left's irrational hatred of him, he basically saved an entire hemisphere, if not the entire world. The fall of Communism is owed in a large part to this man. He gets spot #1.

Spot #2 goes to James Madison, president during the war of 1812. Sure, he did most of his good things while not President, but the same can be said of Thomas Jefferson, who passed the disasterous Embargo Act of 1807 and still got up on Mount Rushmore (as he deserved). James Madison, father of the Constitution and commander in chief during the war of 1812, goes up alongside Reagan.

Spots 3 and 4 were a five-way race in which only two men could emerge victorious. Spot #3 I think would have to go to *surprise* Silent Cal, Calvin Coolidge. If you want to credit Clinton with the '90s boom, you have to credit Cal with the "roaring twenties". Add to this the fact that his inaugural address was only 100 words, and he almost never spoke, plus his insistence that government should always butt out of business and private affairs, and it looks like he gets up there too.

Spot 4 was equally shocking, even to me, when I found myself giving the nod to Harry Truman. Yes, a Democrat. Probably the most underrated Democrat president of all time, and MUCH better than FDR. He made the decision to drop the atomic bomb on Japan, a decision tougher than probably any president since Lincoln has had to make. He also scaled back some of the New Deal disasters (though not by much) with his "Fair Deal". He may have stumbled in Korea, but George Bush I stumbled in Iraq. (Thankfully, George Bush II fixed that, no matter what the Libs say). Harry Truman gets spot #4 for now - if President Bush decides to go back to his promised-cut-spending ways, he could quite possibly topple Truman from his place atop the second Mount Rushmore.

Honorary Mentions: Grover Cleveland, Dwight Eisenhower, James K. Polk

Regime Change Iran

Okay, I was checking out my sitemeter statistics about 10 minutes ago when I notice one of the referrals came from Regime Change Iran: A Daily Briefing on Iran. The name clicked - I thought I had seen the name on either InstaPundit or Roger L. Simon in the past, but I had never actually seen the site. They must have found me through the Blogger toolbar (at the top of the page). If you're interested in foreign policy, there's no excuse to not be reading this site daily. It's now on the Blogroll to your left. Thank you. ^-^

(Comments are now open again for all posts not involving the Pope)

Friday, April 01, 2005

Elsewhere in the news...

The ex-governor of my great state of Connecticut is in jail, tonight, April 1, 2005.
Sandy Berger, however, walks free.


Note: I meant to post more today, but due to the solemn atmosphere of the Vatican Watch, I'm afraid that I'm just not in the mood. (Currently the background music on my computer is naught but a tolling bell)


My University Senate by-laws and such came in the mail today. Looks like I ran unopposed and still got less of the vote than Robert Mugabe. I'd like to either be on the Programs, Curricula and Courses commitee, the Educational Affairs committee, or the Core Liberal Arts & Sciences committee (imagine me on that one ^-^). Just have to get back to them within the week.

By the way: How big must a bureaucracy be if it has a "Committee on Committees"?

Got an e-mail from the listserv - Former Secretary of State James A. Baker (1989-1993) is coming to speak on campus for the Sadat Lecture for peace. I think I'll attend.

Also coming up at the end of this month is the march to the capitol. Is there any way to export freedom to those people? Still unsure if I'll attend that, if only to see if there are any South Vietnamese Protest Babes. I mean... uh... *puts angel halo over head*

If I think of anything else to post, I'll do it later.